Defence & Security

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With the increasing emphasis on COTS solutions in the Defence industry, instead of costly bespoke development, military applications are increasingly looking for existing hardware solutions.

The word ‘Commercial’ in the term COTS can be a little misleading as the solutions best suited for these applications are ‘Industrial’ rather than ‘Commercial’. Commercial computer equipment cannot survive the rigours of defence deployment, either the hardware used, or the long term availability of systems and components. Industrial grade equipment, on the other hand, is designed for harsh environments, and provides longer life and supply availability, meaning software does not have to be updated to accommodate component changes due to obsolescence.

Security and defence applications are becoming more alike, with common requirements and solutions occurring more and more often.
SDK Systems has developed a range of industrial computers for use in Defence and Security roles, both civil and military, in many varied applications, locations and environments. These range from large fixed installations, such as flight or vehicle training simulators, through ground and mobile equipment, like satellite terminals, to rugged vehicle and hand portable computers for use in the field, for example in-vehicle ANPR and rugged tablet computers.

Requirements for individual solutions are many and varied. SDK Systems products can either be used as they are, or we can customise them to meet specific requirements. If this is still not suitable we can design specific solutions for you using industrial technology and our extensive engineering expertise.