Transport applications cover marine, land, and air activities and hence some demanding environmental constraints as well significant reliability, availability and performance needs.

A wide range of transport applications are supported by SDK Systems computer technology, involving rail (surface and underground), marine (ship, shore and offshore), vehicles and air.

The applications themselves are diverse, ranging from vehicle computers used for ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) and marine surveying systems to full training flight simulators and rail infrastructure management systems. These are only a few of very many examples.

Individual computer requirements are as varied as the applications, needing a range of computers to suit these demands, and appropriate certification for the environments and applications.

Reliability is paramount in these situations and this is an area where SDK Systems has extensive engineering experience how is invaluable in ensuring an appropriate and cost effective range of computer products is developed.

This also involves acquiring the necessary certification for the target applications and installations, including demanding physical and EMC environmental testing, either in-house or through external test houses.