rugged ssd


Panther Military Grade series products designed by SDK Systems for Military and Industrial applications such as Defense and Aerospace, Navy, Military Servers, Rugged Embedded & Industrial Storage Products ,Tactical Computers, Marine systems, Surveillance etc.

All of Panther series military grade ssd solutions manufactured with military-level components under strict tests and technologies, and are 100% proven by series of complicated and complete and long term tests.

Panther 2.5’’ rugged solid state drives supports Over Load Protect and Power Failure Protect, with a fully compliant with military defense selected & tested standards.

We offer also Solid State Drives with special protection designed for operate under environments with High Radiation Level such as in such areas as Space exploration, on Submarines ,Nuclear Power Plant ,Medical ,Industrial ,scientific institutions and many others.

Different types of Conformal Coating options such us Acrylic ,Silicone, Epoxy and also Parylene to prevent Tin Whiskers growth.

Rugged SATA Connector options available.